Still haven't started that podcast yet? Now's the time.

Have you been putting off that podcast you said you would start with your friends back in January? (Well okay, granted it has been a global pandemic so we won’t fault you too much!). With that being said, now is your chance!

We offer affordable prices for quality delivery, whether you're a seasoned vet, have been recording for a while or just getting started and want to give it a shot - we're here to accommodate you. 


Our base is totally accessible and located in the heart of Central London, a simple 2 minute walk from Aldgate station, places you right at our doorstep.

For all our tech junkies, here's some of the equipment we're currently: Tascam Headphones, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & 4i4 and the Shure SM58 Microphones with dynamic sound.

Email us now at: info@attraktions.com for our price list and to book your unique Sunday slot, whilst spaces are still available. We look forward to hosting you!